Wickerske offers tailored event management for organizers, including logistics, with the possibility of getting a custom logo, graphics for your event and a simple, to-the-point website with ticket service;

Audio production and Mastering for (independent) artists,

Soundtracks for short videos
and advertorials;

Creative Design for innovative projects and products, and 
for individuals or groups
who want to execute their


[NL area only]

Miscellaneous jobs

administratief werk

teksten tegenlezen/herschrijven

teksten vertalen

Studiehulp algemeen

Bijlessen Engels

Bijlessen Wiskunde

Photoshop trainingen

(1-op-1 training,
4 uur
excl. reiskosten)

​Illustrator trainingen

(groepen tot 10 personen)

of events
and workshops

Brainstorming, vision, 
project management, organisation of events and their 
and more...

Graphic design
and prints

Logo & identity 
Flyers, postersbooklet


DTP work

Design and creation of websites,

Creation of new and original graphics,

Editing and/or redacting of existing graphics and texts.

          a visual or auditory flow

Wickerske represents quality, efficacious designand

that captures and guides



Audio creation
& Mastering

Original audio productions



Album Art
& physical design


Art Projects

Artist Collabs

Do you have a great idea? A vision for an artwork or project, but can't do it by yourself? Me too!

Let's see what we can do when we join forces!




Design products with an 👁️ for nature


Flag of the Netherlands

Wickerske offers creative advice and consult to those seeking to transform their ideas and rigorously put them to the test before executing them.

Contact her for brainstorms, organizational guidance, creative support, reflection and similar emotimental activities.

Wickerske is also very pleased to cooperate in creative design and art projects. Note that Wickerske operates from a natural and sustainable perspective on the world, in each of her projects.

N.B.: I am not in possession of an onion address, and will probably not earn anything froM ANY DONATIONS YOU MAKE THERE.
my page's URL is

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